Sunday, March 6, 2011


n0te taken fr0m ma fren's fb...

There's a girl who gave a challenge to her boyfriend to live without her,

for there is no communication at all between them during the day..

she said to her boyfriend,

if you get past that, I will love you forever of my life."

The boyfriend had agreed,

he did not sms / call his girlfriend all day..

Without him knowing that his girlfriend has only 24 hours to live,

because she had cancer..

The next day her boyfriend went the girl's house.

His tears were dripping suddenly saw his girlfriend lying with a letter in her hand that written

"You past it successfully Honey,

could you do it for everyday??


Do not ever lost contact with someone you care,

you'll never know what's gonna happen the next day,

or the day after that ..

Even a single "hi" or a "good morning" mean something because before you know that,

someone is no longer there anymore....

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